Talks & Events

Green Projects: Cosmos & Sustain.All Meetup 13.01.2022 | Green

Our first GreenProjects meeting will host two awesome projects “Cosmos” and “Sustain.ALL”. These projects have set their missions to tackle specific problems to fight global warming and climate change. They will present their approach and mission to heal the world. [...]

Meetup #1 Mein Fair Mögen

Money makes the world go round: Financial markets still finance an economy that is on average not fit to mitigate or even adapt to climate change. Who wants to invest for a decent pension faces difficulties to find out where the money goes in the end. [...]

Sustainable (through) IT

In his talk about “Sustainability (through) IT” Thomas will give an overview of different approaches and possibilities on how IT can reduce resource consumption and CO2 emissions by predicting and balancing supply and demand in volatile markets that usually see a lot of overproduction and resource loss. [...]