Talks & Events

ECO:DIGIT & Green Software Foundation SCI - adesso [x] Green Coding Berlin

This time we have invited Yelle Lieder from adesso to speak about their ECO:DIGIT project. In his talk, Yelle Lieder (adesso) will introduce the ECO:DIGIT research project. ECO:DIGIT started in summer 23 and over the course of three years has the goal of coming closer to a holistic and scientifically based life cycle assessment of digital systems. [...]

SDIA Green Coding Summit 2023

Our first hands-on workshop for our community! We are joining as a workshop organizer for the Green Coding Summit by the SDIA this year and will bring you a 5 hour workshop where we introduce many tools around green software development and techniques to measure and greenify your projects. [...]

Kickoff Green Software Development Stuttgart [x] Green Coding Berlin

We are invited to speak at the Kickoff Green Software Development Stuttgart. (Talk will be in German) Topic: “Sustainable Software - Measure and quantify the green-ness of code”. We will be presenting our new approach around the Energy-Timeline project how to introduce quantification of sustainability in a code base through continious measurements … stay tuned! [...]

Enviroinfo 2023 - Software Life Cycle Assessment in the wild

We are speaking at the Enviroinfo conference in Garching (near Munich) this year. (Talk will be in German) Topic: Software Life Cycle Assessment in the wild* Abstract: Software Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) is gaining attention for its environmental impacts in production, deployment, usage, and disposal. [...]

Green Infrastructure Meetup GfK [x] Green Coding Berlin

Hey Green Coders! We are partnering this month with GfK for our Meetup. We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Green Coding and Infrastructure meet-up, which will take place on May 31st at the brand-new GfK Berlin Office. [...]

Green Software Development Community (Apr. 2023)

We are invited to talk at the Meetup of the Green Software Development group! Details from their Meetup page 📣 2nd meetup in 2023: We are very happy to announce the next meeting of the Green Software Development Community. [...]

Clean IT Gruppe Potsdam (Apr. 2023)

We are invited to speak at the openXchange events from the HPI Clean IT team. Details We present our open-source projects Eco CI to make energy consumption in CI/CD pipelines visible and the Green Metrics Tool which helps developers compare arbitrary software regarding its energy cost. [...]

SDIA - Digital Environmental Footprint (Mar. 2023)

We are invited to present our latest advances on the Green Metrics Tool new UI and our Eco CI project at the SDIA DEF Steering Group Meeting. Details 📣 Last chance to sign up for our bi-monthly DEF Community meeting where key guest speakers will give important updates on their work calculating the Digital Environmental Footprint and the challenges that are associated with it! [...]

GSD Meetup Karlsruhe - Open Source Tools für klimafreundliche Software

We are invited to speak at the Green Software Development Meetup group in Karlsruhe remotely. Please note: The talk is in German! Details Das Thema des Abends ist die Messung des Energieverbrauchs von Anwendungen. [...]

FOSDEM 2023 - Green software engineering

Yay, we got approved for a talk at FOSDEM 2023! Our talk is: Green software engineering - Building tools and ecosystems around green software engineering Details Desktop and server software at the present moment in time is very rarely developed with its energy consumption as a major consideration. [...]