Case Studies
Here your find our list of case studies that highlight the carbon emissions of specific digital infratructure or software.

Inherent variability in energy testing of CI pipelines

As we’ve been testing the energy use of various CI pipelines using Eco-CI, one thing we’ve noticed is that there is a large amount of variability in the results. Pipeline runs that we would expect to be more or less the same (same commit hash, running a few days in a row on the same cpu) can have wildly different results: [...]

- by Dan Mateas

CPU Utilization - A useful metric?

In this case study we will look at the ubiquitous metric CPU utilization and how helpful it is in evaluating code performance or energy consumption [...]

- by Arne Tarara

DevOps energy savings - Reducing image docker container size - Part I

What are the tradeoffs when trying to optimize image size of docker containers [...]

- by Danilo Jesic

RAPL, SGX and energy filtering - Influences on power consumption

In this case study we will look at the RAPL feature in modern processors and a security feature that can influence it’s accuracy [...]

- by Arne Tarara

Hyper-Threading and energy - Processor energy configuration series - Part 1

This arcticle is part of a multi-part series. Be sure to check out / stay tuned for the other parts! In this series we look at processor configuration options either from the OS side or directly in MSRs of the CPU and their effect on the power draw of the CPU. [...]

- by Arne Tarara

Wordpress vs. Hugo + Cloudlfare

In this case study we will look the carbon benefit of a static site compared to a Wordpress site. To get a more fair picture we will also include the HUGO build process and reason a bit about a possible hosting optimization. [...]

- by Arne Tarara

Does gzip save CO2?

Looking at gzip compression and if it really saves carbon emissions [...]

- by Dan Mateas


In this case study we will look at image compression with the AVIF format. Typically when trying to optimize a website for network resource consumption and thus CO2 emission images are the lowest hanging fruit. [...]

- by Arne Tarara